Dr. Jon Chippindall to speak at KnowHow EdTech

Jon Chippindall is a primary school teacher and tech expert who co-founded TeachMateAI, a curriculum-based education AI assistant that supports teachers. TeachMateAI is used by more than 160,000 teachers in several countries.

TeachMateAI is designed to help teachers successfully streamline everyday tasks — from lesson planning to risk assessments — and to create engaging and bespoke curriculum content.

Jon Chippindall also leads the primary computing PGCE at The University of Manchester and works with schools nationally to improve computing education. He is passionate about supporting schools to deliver high-quality educational experiences for learning whilst ensuring teacher well-being remains a priority.

At KnowHow EdTech, Jon Chippindall will share the ideas behind TeachMateAI and demonstrate how AI can help teachers save time. The company claims to have saved teachers 50,800 days of time with their AI-powered tools.

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